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Published: January 13, 2020

Closing Out the Decade with SAP Concur

Closing out the decade with SAP Concur
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Sitting down to take stock of our 2019 journey as partners with SAP Concur brought me a lot of joy. We’ve been in partnership with SAP Concur for 7 years now and 2019 was by far our most successful year together. As the VAT IT- SAP Concur Partnership Manager, I’m glad to say that if 2019 is anything to go by, then the next decade is looking very bright. Here’s why: 

Our partnership with SAP Concur continues to be one of our most effective relationships helping us reach many more SMEs and enterprise businesses to assist them with VAT refunds and compliance. There are many benefits to the partnership and you need only look at our page on the concur app centre to see them but the golden benefit, the real “what’s in it for you” reason to explore our partnership with SAP Concur is that the refunds received through VAT IT’s VAT recovery service can pay for your annual Concur fees – an absolute no brainer. 

This win-win model for all (as well as a seamless integration and service; but you can find all of this information here) is the key reason why Concur referrals to VAT IT grew by 60% in 2019 and why there was a 55% increase in service uptake. In case we needed any more proof that this kind of partnership should be an essential part of your financial savings strategy for 2020, we also saw an 80% increase in estimated VAT potential among SAP Concur-using businesses signed in 2019.  The verdict is in, companies no longer want to bear the burden of VAT leakages and non-compliance and have finally found the soundest solution to the problem.

VAT IT also rolled up its sleeves to assist SAP Concur to reach more businesses to aid them with their expense management needs. In 2019, we increased our referrals to SAP Concur by 25% and helped SAP Concur close major enterprise deals. One of our proudest achievements is told by Antony Elliot, Global Strategic Sales Director, SAP Concur. 

“VAT IT were influential in helping me win a large enterprise deal. VAT IT worked in a collaborative fashion with not only myself, but also the client to ensure they were able to demonstrate significant savings through automation and simplification.”

Our SAP Concur event calendar had never looked as busy as it did in 2019. We attended Fusion events both in the USA and Europe. We attended SAP Concur Ignite and Fusion Exchange events across the USA, EMEA and APAC regions, speaking on key VAT topics such as Brexit and its impact on VAT legislation. We added Fusion Exchange Shanghai to the roster – the very first Fusion hosted in China with over 600 attendees. We were gold sponsors at all events and went above and beyond at delivering a wonderful, fun experience for anyone who engaged with us. From frozen yoghurt stalls to hosting our own after-party at a swanky bar in Mayfair, London where over 120 clients, prospects and SAP Concur reps (who like to party) attended. If you missed us in 2019, make sure to engage with us in 2020 and not miss out on the fun. We’re going big this year and we wouldn’t want you to miss it! 

Since you’re still reading this, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those at SAP Concur who partnered with VAT IT and showed exemplary effort and care for our partnership. Thanks for my Top Banana awards throughout the year, I truly appreciate it. If you happen to be a SAP Concur salesperson or Customer Experience Executive who is yet to be in touch with VAT IT, please do get in touch. You can email me at

To conclude, Martin Leonard, EMEA Business Development Director at SAP Concur puts it best. His round-up of our year together couldn’t be more succinct and we’re very grateful for the kind words. He said: “2019 was a very successful year with our App centre elite partner, VAT IT. SAP Concur are extremely appreciative for all their efforts as part of our joint value & integration which provide great value to our clients globally. We look forward to continuing our joint success in 2020!”

Into the ‘20s we go. Let them be roaring. 

By Brendin Cohen

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