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We have built a collection of 32 VAT reclaim products and divided them into 2 clearly defined avenues. Our collection can save your business millions!

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VAT Reclaim Opportunities for Businesses

Businesses can recover VAT refunds on overseas travel spend as well as foreign supplier services. For example, VAT may be charged on employee travel expenses such as accommodation, taxis and restaurants. In addition, spend on foreign events, goods and services have large amounts of claimable VAT. Similarly, you can claim domestic VAT on local business travel and entertainment.

Our Product Suite

Packaged into our Domestic and Foreign Reclaim products we offer over 32 VAT reclaim opportunities that maximize your company’s VAT refund yield. These savings can amount up to 25% of these expenses.

Because we act as an extension of our clients’ finance departments, we are often exposed to other business pain points which we then address by providing outsourced additional solutions to alleviate our clients’ costs and time-wastage.

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Domestic VAT Compliance

Recover up to 25% VAT on local travel and entertainment expenses connected to employee business trips.

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Foreign VAT Reclaim

Recover up to 25% VAT on foreign supplier invoices and foreign travel and entertainment expenses connected to employee business trips.

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Additional Global Services

Free yourself from compliance & administrative burden. From invoice storage to Benefit in Kind, VAT IT goes the extra mile to make your life easier.

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Why Outsource Your VAT Recovery?

It’s an administrative burden to complete VAT refund claims successfully in multiple foreign countries. In addition, there is the need to understand 135 different VAT laws and compliance details. All things considered, it becomes clear that an outsourced solution is necessary.

We’ve seen that businesses can save up to 110% more VAT by outsourcing the reclaim process. In short, this is because we offer a full, end-to-end VAT recovery solution backed by advanced technology. Moreover, we offer specialised tax recovery services for the pharmaceutical, automotive, aviationMICE and tour operator industries.

In conclusion, outsourcing your VAT recovery to VAT reclaim specialists is a wise business decision for a number of reasons. It saves you time, money and resources so you can get on with running your business.

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