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HELIOS汇联易 cooperates with VAT IT to provide an automated VAT recovery solution on travel and expenses on both foreign and domestic spend. VAT IT’s partnership with this dynamic and fast-growing company that is dedicated to providing customers with an advanced management concept to run operations more productively and efficiently will ensure that your business is able to claim back enormous tax savings. HELIOS provides simplified company control, multidimensional compliance management of expenses, workflow control and smart receipt management

Helios partnership with VAT IT

VAT IT Recovery Solution Introduction

VAT IT offers a full, end-to-end foreign and domestic VAT reclaim solution for over 12,000 companies in over 117 different countries. Our tailor-made service and industry-leading technology are designed to dramatically maximise your VAT savings. Foreign VAT on T&E is claimed on international travel and entertainment expenditure connected to business trips. Up to 25% of these T&E expenses can be claimed adding considerable savings to a business. VAT IT can help your business reclaim VAT spent on travel and entertainment expenditure.

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HELIOS汇联易 is a business travel and expense management software developed by Shanghai Zhenhui Information and Technology Co., Ltd. The company is owned by industry-leading IT consulting firm Hand (stock code: 300170). In 2016, it received tens of millions Yuan in series A financing from SBCVC and Blue Lake Capital. In 2017, it received 50 million Yuan in series B financing from SBCVC, Blue Lake Capital and Zcapital. In 2018, it received 100 million Yuan in series C financing led by SBCVC and supported by Zcapital and other firms. Since its debut in 2016, HELIOS is dedicated to providing customers with an advanced management concept to more organizations to run their operations more productively and efficiently. It has processed over 5 million receipts and handled over 10 billion Yuan in reimbursement. With close to one million monthly active users, it is dominating the SaaS market in China. Huilianyi is dedicated to providing more customers with advanced management concept in order to help them run more efficiently.

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Helios partnership with VAT IT

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