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Published: July 13, 2018

Not just data and invoices: The human element behind VAT reclaim

You’re not just a collection of data and invoices to us. We know you.

You’re not just a collection of data and invoices to us. We know you.

You’re a smart financial director on a mission to contribute to your company’s bottom line. We know you’re eager to show your CEO that there is actually a service out there that genuinely saves costs.

And we know we’re accountable to you. We want to impress you, make sure we’re helping you win, gain a competitive advantage and set your company free from administrative burdens so you can get on with what’s really important, growing your business.

That’s why we’ve got the best human beings in the world here. We’re not just ghosts in the machines we make, in the tech we build. Like you, we’re flesh and blood people, trying to make a difference by helping your business succeed.

The tech gurus

We’ve developed powerful technology that you can learn more about here, but behind every application we’ve built are our hard-working, sleep-deprived and passionate software developers who created it from nothing. And we build everything in-house. We’ve handpicked the most brilliant minds in the world to build tax-related software that’s changing the tax reclaim landscape forever.

Big 4 chartered accountants

Twelve percent of our people and most of our branch directors and account managers are ‘big 4 chartered accountants’. Equipped with the best work ethic and the ability to understand complex company structures and tax procedures, our chartered accountants lead our business in every aspect. Our clients can rest assured that their accounts are being managed by the very best people in the business.

We are everywhere

We believe that ownership and accountability is everything when it comes to providing a premium service. That’s why we’ve made sure to have the largest global footprint with the most branches worldwide. Having a local presence in so many countries is what makes our service a premium experience. All clients have a dedicated local team they can speak to, on their doorstep, in their own languages. And, while our service’s backbone is completely supported by cloud-based technology, VAT yield can be increased tenfold by having your account manager close to you and accountable for your refunds.

We speak 53 languages

Some things simply can’t be solved with technology, such as dealing with refund queries from 32 international VAT authorities, with 32 different ways of doing things. In our shared service centre alone, we speak over 30 languages. This allows us to deal with foreign VAT authorities across the globe. Not only do we have the smartest lawyers and compliance experts (43, to be exact) to handle queries meticulously, we can do it in any language.

Behind every successful refund our client receives is a dedicated team who are genuinely passionate about what they do. And while we continue to build technology solutions to help simplify our clients’ recovery processes, it’s really the people behind the technology that makes us so proud to be VAT IT.

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