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Why outsource VAT registration?

Many businesses make the decision to outsource the administration of foreign and domestic VAT registrations. This is because the task requires knowledge of local tax legislation and procedures, as well as the relevant language skills. Without this, your application can be queried or rejected which will significantly delay business development. With regards to filing, once registered for VAT in a country, you will be required to file periodic statutory declarations and VAT returns.

Because every VAT return is different and requires different information and reporting formats, companies choose to outsource this to experts who can guarantee 100% compliancy.

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Outsource VAT registration and filing when your business ...

Ventures into a new territory and you are uncertain as to the VAT rules in the new jurisdiction.

Operates in the EU and you have no prior exposure to the VAT system in the EU.

Uses a shared service centre with staff that may need advice on VAT principles in the EU.

Employs a VAT manager who is managing compliance obligations and needs practical advice.

Sells goods via ecommerce portals (eg. Amazon, Ebay).

Provides digital services or SaaS products to a global client-base.

Has an AP and AR department that needs to determine whether VAT is correctly charged, accounted for and recoverable.

Our Registration and Filing solution

We provide a personalised, simple and cost-effective registration, filing and compliance service. You won’t require any knowledge of local laws and you can benefit from our team of multi-lingual VAT experts to obtain the VAT number and other registrations you require as quickly as possible.

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