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What is service withholding tax?

Service or royalty withholding taxes are incurred by businesses that perform services or earn royalty income in a country where they do not have a permanent establishment or registration. Due to the complexities of double taxation agreements in multiple jurisdictions, companies neglect to claim their service withholding tax because they’re unable to acquire the correct certifications necessary.

Your business can incur service withholding tax through the following circumstances …

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You provide services in a country where you are a non-resident which may leave you in a position to be double taxed.

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As a foreign supplier, you need to apply the due withholding tax rate to the receiver of your services, but you are unsure if you have done this correctly.

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Your business is planning new market penetration and you’re considering the implications of withholding taxes in those new jurisdictions.

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You have received services from foreign vendors, and you may be required to withhold tax on these foreign payments.

Our withholding tax recovery solution

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Local Tax Relief

Tax relief in your local jurisdiction is possible with the compliant documentation that we extract. We ensure that you have all the requisite compliant documentation for your cross-border transactions to ensure that you receive the tax relief that is due.

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Withholding Tax Compliance

We’ll assist with prospectively reducing the withholding tax rate applied to the correct rate, as well as instituting recovery, retrospectively, for prior incorrect withholdings.

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Foreign Withholding Tax Relief

We make sure your company withholds the correct amount of tax as per applicable double taxation agreements as well as supplies compliant timeous withholding tax certificates to your suppliers thereby mitigating the risks of any penalties in your local jurisdiction.

Claim Service Withholding Tax

VAT IT Group has set up a division that specialises in the recovery of service withholding tax, called S Tax. This means your business is getting the most knowledgeable and efficient team for the job.

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