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Citrix is a business that focuses on a single driving principle: making the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access.

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Citrix's challenge

Citrix wanted to analyse their VAT recovery on a global scale and use the analysis tools to maximise their VAT. Citrix decided to integrate with VAT IT’s VAT Cloud and SAP Concur’s expense management system. The collaboration was inevitable, as Citrix was a long-standing client of both organisations.

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VAT IT's solution

VAT Cloud’s analysis opened up efficient and effective opportunities for Citrix, especially with regards to their local spend, as well as their foreign spend. They are now able to view reporting on a group level and by entity. VAT IT is also able to retrieve and process Citrix’s invoices much faster and more efficiently.

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The Result ...

The VAT recovery process for Citrix is more streamlined and efficient. The VAT savings are maximised as VAT IT was able to reach international offices that might have previously gone unserviced due to distance, and Citrix is able to take action on local domestic spend through VAT Cloud’s analysis.

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