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VAT IT and Euromoney Learning Solutions

This is our longest-running partnership (9 years) that helps turn your learning into refunds. As an attendee of your Euromoney Learning course of choice, you would have incurred VAT as a part of the cost of attendance. Euromoney Learning have partnered with VAT IT to allow you the unique opportunity to recoup the VAT incurred. Using VAT IT’s extensive experience and simple sign-up and refund process, every invoice can be turned into cash for your business.

About Euromoney Learning Solutions

Euromoney Learning Solutions is a global provider of training across all areas of finance and leadership development. It works with a team of 130 world-class experts to deliver practical, personal and ROI-driven learning experiences.

Euromoney Learning Solutions has substantial experience designing and developing completely customised learning programmes for all levels of seniority, from the boardroom to the frontline.

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Euromoney Learning Solutions Logo | VAT Reclaims

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