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Euromoney Learning

VAT IT and Euromoney Learning

This is our longest-running partnership (9 years) that helps turn your learning into refunds. As an attendee of your Euromoney Learning course of choice, you would have incurred VAT as a part of the cost of attendance. Euromoney Learning have partnered with VAT IT to allow you the unique opportunity to recoup the VAT incurred. Using VAT IT’s extensive experience and simple sign-up and refund process, every invoice can be turned into cash for your business.

About Euromoney Learning

At Euromoney Learning we understand that learning doesn’t start and end when you leave the classroom. That’s why our approach to learning offers solutions that work for individuals and organisations – no matter where you sit or how you need to participate.

We offer learning across all requirements, from access to on-demand content, in-person or virtual classroom training, to collaborative solutions that are driven by completely customised, blended learning programmes across your whole organisation. And, because we know that learning is more of a team sport than a solo effort, we invest in platforms that focus on flexible, social, dynamic ways to expand knowledge—a place where people can learn together even when they are on their own.

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