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VAT IT and Glantus

VAT IT customers will now have access to the Glantus Data Platform and expertise to realize additional savings through targeted accounts payable analysis, credit recovery, and automation of the accounts payable process. Glantus customers will also benefit from having access to the leading global VAT reclaim company, to bring innovative digitalization and analytics-driven problem-solving to the VAT recovery process.

Joint customers benefit by combining savings on utility expenditure with reduced vendor transaction costs, accelerated recovery of working capital, and increased visibility of accounts payable data.

About Glantus

Glantus is a global provider of accounts payable automation and analytics solutions. Our mission is to simplify data to drive constant innovation. The award-winning Glantus Data Platform connects all AP systems and suppliers on one agile platform, eliminating cost and delivering new revenue streams. We work in tandem with our partners, to deliver joint enterprise digital transformation solutions. 

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