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VAT IT and Lufthansa City Center

VAT IT offers a full, end-to-end foreign and domestic VAT reclaim solution for over 13,000 companies in over 117 different countries. Our tailor-made service and industry-leading technology are designed to dramatically maximise your VAT savings. VAT IT has teamed up with Lufthansa City Center to offer the best VAT recovery solutions on travel expenditure.

About Lufthansa City Center

Founded in 1991, Lufthansa City Center (LCC) is a worldwide travel agency franchiser based in Frankfurt, Germany. We empower independently-owned and operated travel agencies by cobranding with LCC. Our focus on individual, tailor-made customer products for both leisure and corporate customers allows us to combine flexibility and innovation to provide a comprehensive service portfolio.All franchisees are the best at their game in our respective countries. As a global team, we are invincible. Our LCC concept offers a global program with local relevance to nurture the cultural differences and dynamics required in each market.

A global presence with local capabilities ensures the best opportunity for delivering exceptional customer service.

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