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VAT IT and Portside

VAT IT are excited to announce our new partnership with Portside Inc. Portside’s existing customers will have the immediate benefit of being able to recover MOT and associated VAT on international trips. As a preferred partner of Portside we have offered existing clients a discount on the services we provide.

Future customers of Portside will be offered the services of VAT IT right from the beginning. This offers the clients an opportunity to recover their MOT and associated VAT on their international trips.

About Portside

Portside is a San Francisco based software company focused on developing cloud based solutions for the business aviation market. We have deployed over 2,000 aircraft in 25+ countries from our offices in the US, UK, Hong Kong and Brazil. We support a variety of mission profiles including single aircraft owner-operators, charter companies with 100+ aircraft, Fortune 500 companies and industrial fleets.

Our integrated platform connects with the most commonly used aviation softwares, including in-house systems, which allows us to deliver a variety of cost effective solutions tailored to your aviation business needs. We also partner with aviation companies to support their digital transformations and enterprise requirements.

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