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VAT IT and Rydoo

VAT IT is the proud partner of Rydoo (previously Xpenditure). Rydoo is a global leader in expense management software, offering you automated VAT recovery on all expense data.

Partnering with Rydoo seamlessly provides you with automated VAT recovery on travel and expenses on both foreign and domestic spend. This dynamic, fast-growing company and its state-of-the-art software will ensure your business enormous tax savings. The only question you’ll be left asking is why you didn’t use Rydoo sooner.

“Rydoo is focused on innovation and bringing best in-class solution to our customers. We aim to simplify expense management full value chain. Partnering with VAT IT will bring back time and money to organizations so employees can focus on what really matters,” shares Sebastien Marchon, CEO of Rydoo.

Read more about the Rydoo-VAT IT partnership in the press release here.

About Rydoo

Rydoo, a Sodexo corp-up, reinvents business travel and expense management with its mobile app in 63 countries ; VAT IT is the largest VAT recovery business in the world. Both companies’ vision converge to support organizations and employees while eliminating tasks with no added value. Time is precious to businesses everywhere but collecting receipts and expense forms for every cross-border venture undertaken is a less than an appealing activity. To prevent businesses from losing millions a year in unclaimed VAT, Rydoo and VAT IT have partnered to ease and increase VAT refund yields for companies across Europe and the world.

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