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VAT Compliance

VAT IT and VAT IT Compliance

With a combined 40 years of accumulated business expertise, VAT IT and VAT IT Compliance are strategically partnered to address complex global indirect tax (Value-Added Tax) issues through innovative digital processes and analytics-driven problem solving.

VAT compliance and reclaim pose significant challenges to companies. This makes the partnership between VAT IT Reclaim and VAT IT Compliance the perfect solution for all businesses looking to optimize their VAT recovery and guarantee VAT compliance.

Our Solutions

At VAT IT Compliance, we provide expert-led VAT and indirect tax compliance services, centered around state-of-the-art technology.  

Our solutions simplify the complexities of VAT and indirect tax compliance in nearly 50 countries. Our technology automates tax compliance processes, providing real-time insights for informed risk and opportunity management and decision-making.  

Our team of tax experts offer personalized guidance, helping you understand and meet your tax compliance obligations. We tailor our services to your needs, whether you’re aiming to improve VAT compliance, manage indirect taxes, or free your team to focus on core activities. 

We offer a complete package of VAT services:

International VAT Consultancy

From determining the need to register, resolving historical tax issues, through performing complex assessments of indirect tax transaction treatment, risk and opportunity analysis, all the way to audit and inspection support and assistance with all things tax technology. Our VAT and Indirect Tax Consultancy offering provides the support businesses need to grow and expand risk-free across a variety of indirect taxes, not just VAT. 

VAT Registration and Onboarding

VAT IT’s centralized VAT registration services transform the way companies expand across borders. We serve as a single point of contact, eliminating the need to juggle multiple agencies in different jurisdictions. 

Our specialist registration team meticulously aligns each VAT number request with the specific laws and regulations of each country, reducing the risk of non-compliance.  

Additionally, as part of the registration process, to help make reporting in new jurisdictions efficient and as accurate as possible from the start, our onboarding function works with clients to help them understand various in-country requirements, configure and test data for reporting purposes and explain jurisdiction-specific nuances, if any.  

VAT Compliance and Filings Technology

Discover our proprietary, client-centric, compliance reporting and collaboration platform. We use the latest in SaaS technology to enable businesses to fulfil their VAT and indirect tax obligations in nearly 50 countries.  

From domestic, and non-established, VAT compliance for multinational businesses, continuous transaction control technology, through VAT on e-commerce and digitally supplied services, to US sales tax reporting obligation fulfillment and much more!  

Collaborate effortlessly with VAT IT Compliance’s Service Delivery Team, and your dedicated Account Manager, who will optimize your data to improve the quality of your reporting, provide on-going support to help you meet even the most difficult and demanding reporting requirements and deliver guidance for the toughest of audits/inspections.

About Us

VAT IT Compliance’s mission is to be a trusted and enduring company, dedicated to consistently delivering high-quality, value-adding VAT and indirect tax services and technology that drive our clients’ success. We prioritize treating people with empathy, fostering strong relationships, and advancing a culture of fulfillment in the workplace. Through continuous improvement and expansion of our services, technology, and product offerings, we aim to remain at the forefront of our industry, exceeding customer expectations and driving innovation. 

Our Solutions Scale with Your Needs 


Our VAT compliance services are skilfully tailored to meet the complex needs of enterprise clients. Focusing on scalability and customisation, we provide solutions that can adapt to the unique demands of large corporations, ensuring accuracy and full compliance with international regulations. 

Digital Services 

At VAT IT we recognise how the simplicity of delivery and consumption of electronically supplied services can create near instant VAT obligations for companies supplying digital services. That’s why we not only help identify reporting obligations and fulfil them, but also provide knowledge and insight to help businesses know what to look out for to avoid non-compliance and meet obligations at the right time.   


Navigating the multifaceted world of e-commerce VAT compliance is hard. With VAT IT providing expert guidance and taking care of required reporting, online sellers can focus their attention on building their customer base, entering new jurisdictions, and growing revenue. 

Why Us

We have spent more than 20 years perfecting the art of global VAT and indirect tax compliance services and technology for nearly 50 countries, and we deeply believe that the combination of power of human ingenuity, the potential of technology, and the wealth of accumulated experience will be the core pillars that will help us achieve our and our clients’ goals.  

Consolidated VAT Reporting Services 

Whether you have been in business for decades or have recently embarked on your international business journey, compliance and filing challenges remain universal. While you focus on business growth and automation, we ensure your success in VAT. Keep growing without risk, while we keep you compliant everywhere. 

Global Presence 

With an extensive global footprint, we have the tools, expertise, and delivery facilities to support businesses across the globe. 

Expertise Everywhere 

From central delivery hubs to local, in-country, presence, we invest in tax talent we know will deliver best outcomes for businesses and their needs.

Best-In-Class Technology  

Technology is key in everything we do. We constantly update and evolve our products and technology portfolio to bring businesses state-of-the-art functionality, persistent quality of life improvements and broader geographic coverage they need to comply everywhere they must. 

VAT IT Compliance – Complete International VAT and Indirect Tax Solutions for the Digital Age  

Expert-led. Tech-centered.  


Be Compliant with VAT IT 

Rely on our in-depth expertise in regulations to simplify the complex landscape of VAT compliance reporting. With a tailored approach that suits your individual business needs, we transform VAT compliance from a challenge into a manageable aspect of your operations. Partner with us for transparent, efficient, and customized solutions. 

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