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VAT IT and WorkTech

As being an exclusive partner of the sector of co-working space operator with VAT IT, VAT IT will help the members and partners of WorkTech stay 100% global VAT compliant on overseas conferences, business travelling and supplier invoices.


About WorkTech

WorkTech is a platform that combines workspace, business network, corporate services and resources, aiming at helping SMEs soft-landing into Southeast Asian markets. It connects clients to a cross-border business community, helping them enter global markets for greater business opportunities. WorkTech focuses on building ecosystems for different industries, especially emerging industries such as blockchain, community banks and technologies etc. Headquartered in Hong Kong, WorkTech also has presences globally. Each WorkTech location has a different positioning and is customized according to local industry trends and communities. For example, our location in Singapore serves as a wealth management hub; where Taipei specializes in start-ups and FinTech.

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