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Put your expenses on autopilot.
The expense management solution you wish you had known earlier.

VAT IT and Yokoy

Yokoy is an innovative, well-funded expense management technology platform powered by AI, servicing renowned enterprise clients in Switzerland and beyond. Yokoy and VAT IT are seamlessly integrated to provide VAT reclaim on expenses managed on Yokoy’s platform. Put your expenses and VAT reclaim on autopilot today.

About Yokoy

Yokoy Group AG was founded as Expense Robot GmbH in March 2019. After the successful prototyping- and testing phase of the initial cloud-based expense management service, Yokoy (which was known as Expense Robot at the time) went live with a first wave of customers in September 2019. With the launch of the Yokoy Business Mastercard, the name of the company and the product was changed to Yokoy. Yokoy enables companies to automate their expense and credit card processes using artificial intelligence. The entire process from the photo to the correct booking and payment to the employees is thus possible in a few clicks. Yokoy goes further than traditional tools as it automates the relevant processes for everyone – employees, manager and the finance team.

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