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VAT IT and ZeBon

VAT IT is a proud partner of ZeBon. ZeBon develops IT solutions that automate and make your administration and accounting department much more effective.

Our partnership with ZeBon makes it possible to export invoices, receipts and vouchers directly from their solutions to ours for an easy and efficient VAT refund process.

About ZeBon

ZeBon works with over 1,300 companies and more than 440,000 users from more than 43 different countries. They develop applications and systems that can automate your administration and accounting department – and save you many hours every month. Take for example their most used solution zExpense that efficiently and automatically processes expenses, credit cards, transactions, mileage records, etc. Easy to use for all employees.

ZeBon also has solutions that make recording of hours, handling of invoices and other administrative workflows easier and much more efficient by automating them.

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