Our Service Model

Tailor made service plan

VAT technology on its own cannot yield high VAT returns without the backing of an efficient and knowledgeable VAT service team to guide it in the right direction within your business.

Everything Comes Down to Great Service

When your business starts its search for a VAT recovery company, there is nothing more important than ensuring the service you get is of the highest standard. A VAT recovery service should be an extension of your finance team and because of that, the service model must be custom fit to your company’s entity structure and needs. Having the combination of VAT technology together with hands-on, personal service can take your refunds from hundreds of thousands to millions.

When Tech Can’t Replace a Human

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The Best People

12% of our global employees are qualified ACAs. This means your business is getting an account manager with the qualifications to offer you a truly premium service. From deciphering your financial statements and company structure to providing you with analysis and insight, you’ll be in the best care possible.

Unrivalled Account Management

We take all the administrative burden off your shoulders. We take care of everything: portal logins, query responding, drafting letters of explanation, obtaining tax certificates, documentation walkthrough and completion and creating bespoke reporting. The only thing you’d ever have to do, is sit back and wait for your refund.

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Opportunity Expansion

With 46 global offices, we’re always on your doorstep. Our global presence allows us to provide you with a truly personal and accountable service. It means we can offer you continuous improvement to processes and look out for other money-saving opportunities within your business. It’s not just VAT Reclaim with us; we can help with shipping logistics, Importer of record services and foreign registrations. Whatever your tax or compliance needs, we have a solution.

Unmatched Added Services

Special Services

Our special service teams have global relationships with foreign suppliers. This helps us have non-compliant invoices reissued so that you don’t lose out on the potential refund. This team are experts in sourcing VAT based on your expense data so you can get the most VAT possible.

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Legal Services

Our legal team (30 people strong and growing) are cross-border compliance specialists. No matter how complicated a VAT authority query may be, we have the expertise to solve it and fight for your refund. Our dedicated debtors team are constantly following up with VAT authorities to ensure your refunds are prioritised and paid as soon as possible.

VAT Concierge™

VAT Concierge is our full retrieval service. We’ll send a team of VAT experts into your office to search for claimable invoices. We have found that having an expert with experience and an eye for foreign VAT can increase your VAT yield tenfold. If you have a scan and destroy policy in place, our team will locate claimable scanned invoices on any system. VAT concierge is the human extension to our technology solution. We recommend combining this service with our V Technology solutions.

The best part; this comes at no extra cost. This is simply part of our service.

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