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UnionPay Commercial Card V5

UnionPay Commercial Card / 银联商务卡 provides customized one-stop business expenditure solutions for sole proprietors, SMEs, and large or multi-national corporates (MNCs). UnionPay Commercial Card can be issued as Debit, Credit or Prepaid Card, and support multi-currency settlement, empowering more flexible payment and settlement processes. Furthermore, UnionPay Commercial Card provides Data Insights Platform, Virtual Card Control Platform, Cross-border B2B Payment Platform, and a variety of Commercial Card benefits and services, to help clients save costs, improve management efficiency, and more concentrate on their own business development regardless of the company size.

VAT IT Recovery Solution Introduction

VAT IT offers a full, end-to-end foreign and domestic VAT reclaim solution for over 12,000 companies in over 117 different countries. Our tailor-made service and industry-leading technology are designed to dramatically maximise your VAT savings. Foreign VAT on T&E is claimed on international travel and entertainment expenditure connected to business trips. Up to 25% of these T&E expenses can be claimed adding considerable savings to a business. VAT IT can help your business reclaim VAT spent on travel and entertainment expenditure.

UnionPay international cooperates with VAT IT to launch UnionPay card business tax refund service. For overseas accommodation, transportation, catering, exhibition, advertisement, consultation and other business expenses of the enterprise, tax refund applications can be submitted through the online channel of UnionPay International or a cooperative bank. VAT IT will have a special service person to assist in the tax refund process. Once the application is successful, the tax will be directly returned to the UnionPay commercial card of the enterprise. UnionPay cardholders enjoy the exclusive discount of the VAT IT service fee.

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