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Digital Transformation in Finance

Discover how digital transformation can provide modern finance teams with increased company agility, insights, and capabilities during the good times and the (current) uncertain times. In this webinar hear from keynote speakers from companies such as Microsoft, HP, and Anaplan, and don’t miss out on VAT IT and AppZen’s joint session on leveraging intelligence automation in tax. Watch the full webinar here.

Navigating Trade and Compliance Post-Brexit

Brexit poses cumbersome challenges to companies that sell goods or services cross-border between the UK and EU. Watch this webinar with the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce where our experts discuss the implications of Brexit on trade, and actionable must-do’s for businesses to continue supplying goods or services in the EU here.

Post-Brexit: Challenges of Indirect Tax and Trade

Our experts discuss the implications of Brexit on your supply chain and the movement of goods from the UK to the EU after 1 January 2021. Learn more about the new regulations and requirements and how setting things up from the beginning will result in reduced costs and ensuring continued frictionless trade post Brexit. Watch the full webinar here.

3 Ways to Find Cash From Your Old Travel Expenses

Discover how to recover historical VAT incurred on travel as far back as 2015, changes to filing period deadlines and the need to digitise tax. Watch the full webinar here.

GST as a Cash Flow Solution: Generate Cash From Historical Australian Invoices and Travel Receipts

Discover the mechanism for claiming back GST from Australian invoices to assist business cash flow, understanding the registration processes, and the scope of this opportunity for businesses across the globe. Watch the full webinar here.

Improving Liquidity Through VAT Reclaim During Economic Challenges

Businesses in the UK and worldwide may be facing financial pressures due to halted economic activity in recent weeks. Now more so than ever, VAT reclaim is being used by businesses as a reliable method to generate cash and reduce operational expenditure. VAT IT’s webinar will touch on recent VAT regulation changes in the UK and EU, types of reclaim opportunities available, and feasible avenues that companies can take to maximise their reclaim yield in the short- and long-term to improve liquidity. Watch the full webinar here.

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