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We’ve built a home at VAT IT for smart, innovative and entrepreneurial megastars.
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Big Ideas

We make it a point to see and hear everyone. We know big ideas can come from anywhere, so we encourage our people to have grand “ah-ha!” moments.

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You’ll be surrounded by winners; our business model is win-win and you’ll have a team that genuinely want to see you win.

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Unrivaled Incentives

In this home you are rewarded for great work. No matter what position you’re in, we have built incentive programmes that push you to shoot the lights out.

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Global Opportunities

We’re a truly global firm. With 40 offices worldwide, reaching over 117 countries, you could build your career or business anywhere.

Our Culture

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It's YOUR journey

We are a result-driven meritocracy. Moreover, our career paths are not fixed.  If you’re dynamic, energetic and self-motivated nothing can hold you back from achieving your dreams.

Inspirational Mentorship

Our leaders want to see you achieve – it’s part of our win-win value system. This means you’re always given support for growth and the tools to achieve without being micro-managed.


Simply put, we don’t care where you come from. We know that diversity breeds brilliance and therefore strive to create an equal workplace for us and the world. For example, did you know that 55% of our workforce is female and that 53% of leadership is female. 

You're the CEO

We believe that you’re the CEO of your own life. No matter what job you do, what department you’re in, we applaud and reward those who treat it like it’s their own business. To us, ownership is key.

The Company We Keep

Our clients and partners are at the centre of our business. We’re also very proud that 50% of fortune 500 companies choose VAT IT. We partner with some of the largest businesses on earth (Mastercard, SAP Concur and UnionPay to name a few).

But enough about us, let’s talk about you! When you join VAT IT Reclaim, you’ll gain experience in dealing with top executive level clientele and partners. This means, you’ll be doing business with the elite while refining your entrepreneurial skill set. 

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