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Reduce travel costs by rewarding employees for spending less

VAT IT and Rocketrip

VAT IT and Rocketrip have teamed up to do what they both do best – help businesses save money.

Our partnership benefits companies that travel frequently, particularly those which incur VAT tax from significant employee travel volume. VAT IT and Rocketrip customers will benefit from the book ended savings they achieve with Rocketrip’s upfront traveller incentives and VAT IT’s post-travel tax reclamation.

Dan Ruch, CEO & Founder of Rocketrip, said ingenuity is key to delivering value for their clients.

“At the heart of both of these companies is innovation,” said Ruch. “Rewarding employees for saving on travel and finding savings through reclaiming VAT are no-brainer solutions that work together to benefit so many parts of an organization.”

Read more about the VAT IT-Rocketrip partnership in this press release.

About Rocketrip

Rocketrip works alongside your company’s current travel programme, allowing the workflow to remain unchanged. Rocketrip gives your employees a travel budget and encourages them to choose the less expensive travel option by incentivising them – and all this happens without you having to leave your company’s online booking tool.


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