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Making VAT Reclaim

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We’re excited to announce our new collaboration with our e-invoicing platform, bringing you a streamlined approach to VAT reclaim. Our partnership enables us to offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your VAT and e-invoicing needs.

Simplify your processes, reduce administrative overhead, and experience faster, more efficient VAT reclaims—all under one roof. Partner with us today for seamless integration and expert handling of your financial requirements. We’re committed to making VAT reclaim easier and more effective for you.

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One centralized solution for all your VAT needs

In a complex world of indirect tax, simplify yours by leaning on our over two decades of cross-border expertise and industry-leading technology to maximize both your foreign and domestic VAT refunds without any risks of errors or compliance snags.

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Simplify your refund process with VAT Cloud

How it works


AI driven VAT refund analysis

Simple document management

Real-time claim progress. 

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The most efficient way to recover foreign and domestic VAT.

Unlock your business’s growth potential while we handle the rest. With over two decades of cross-border knowledge coupled with AI-driven extraction and analysis, we ensure accurate and compliant VAT claims. Our team of 800+ global tax specialists is dedicated to maximizing your savings.


Trust & experience
VAT IT Reclaim is the largest VAT recovery firm in the market, having acquired 4 global competitors over the last 10 years including Meridian VAT Reclaim in 2017, United Cashback VAT Reclaim and TVA Conseil VAT Reclaim in 2020 and Quipsound VAT Reclaim in 2022. Learn more

Collaborative global reach
We’ve partnered with leading expense management systems, credit card providers, banks and corporate travel platforms to make your life easier and enrich your expense management ecosystem with the greatest tools and services. Learn more

Security & compliance
ISO27001, GDPR compliant and certified. We make it our business to follow 175 countries' local VAT compliance policies closely. Learn more


95% success rate for timely, reliable refunds
On-site or EMS extraction invoice retrievals, invoice compliance checking, a full team of global invoice reissuing specialists and a claims & quality control team with long-standing relationships with all tax authorities spanning two decades. Learn more

Extended refund opportunities
There are refund opportunities and operating profit gains to be made across all your departments-sometimes they’re not visible in A/P & T&E. We analyse your businesses processes across all departments to find those savings at no extra cost. Learn more

Why us?

Tech when it counts
Tech enablement means precision and accuracy, and ultimately optimal returns for your business. With innovation at the heart of everything we do, we constantly improve existing software and build new applications. Our VAT Cloud offers an effortless interface, where you can upload documents, track pending claims, view and export data in multiple formats and customize user profiles all from a single dashboard. Learn more

Human where it matters
Acting as an extension of your business, our consultative approach to client service ensures a personal and tailored experience for each client. Ongoing research and development within the industry means that our teams are experts in their field. Offering you the highest level of legal expertise, consistent innovation and new avenues of value for your business. Learn more

Your VAT refund Tool Kit

Claimable countries & VAT rates

Discover which countries your business can reclaim from with our country guides.

View guides  ›

VAT potential calculator

Evaluate your VAT reclaim potential based on your annual Travel & Entertainment expenditure.

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Invoice checklist

Navigate the intricacies of your invoices. Use our interactive tool to find out what is required to optimise your claims.

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Industry-specific reclaim opportunities


Gaining a competitive edge in the world of accountancy has never been this simple. As an accountant, you can reclaim Value Added Tax (VAT) on various eligible expenses, including employee travel and entertainment, conferences, tradeshows and events.

Learn more about the unique VAT Reclaim opportunities within the accountancy sector.


VAT Recovery can offer substantial return on investment opportunities within the automotive industry. As an automotive business, claim back VAT on tooling & moulds, supply & install, goods & parts, tradeshows and DDP shipments.

Learn more about the unique VAT reclaim opportunities within the automotive industry.


There are an abundance of unique VAT Reclaim opportunities that exist within the Aviation sector. Private air charter companies can take advantage of refund savings found in airport charges, ground handling services, maintenance fees, employee travel and accommodation to name a few.

Learn more about the unique VAT Reclaim opportunities within the aviation industry.


Unlock the charm of VAT Recovery for your business in the thriving beauty industry. A complex global supply chain with close ties and similarities to the pharmaceutical industry, the beauty industry can claim millions worth of VAT on clinical testing, tooling, meeting and events.

Learn more about the unique VAT reclaim opportunities within the beauty industry.


In the fast-paced world of construction, managing costs is key to success. VAT Recovery empowers businesses operating in the construction industry to reclaim VAT on costs such as supply & install, equipment purchases or rentals, transportation & logistics, travel and entertainment and more.

Learn more about the unique VAT Reclaim opportunities within the construction industry.


In the dynamic world of consulting, every cost-saving measure counts. VAT Recovery presents a valuable opportunity for consulting businesses as companies with thousands of employees and global branches can benefit from refund opportunities surrounding travel, entertainment, and intercompany charges.

Learn more about the unique VAT reclaim opportunities within the consulting industry.


VAT reclaim can hold significant value for engineering companies, especially when there’s a simple solution to overcoming the common complexities related to VAT recovery. Significant refund opportunities exist on eligible expenses such as import VAT, tooling costs, meetings, events, conferences, conventions & trade shows to name a few.

Learn more about the unique VAT Reclaim opportunities within the engineering industry.


Build on a wealth of savings when you tap into the opportunities within the manufacturing space. Refundable VAT abounds for this industry among costs such as tooling, supply & install, specialized labelling, distribution and destruction of goods.

Learn more about the unique VAT Reclaim opportunities within the manufacturing industry.

Media & Entertainment

As a business operating in this creative field, you can reclaim Value Added Tax (VAT) on eligible expenses, such as production costs and equipment rental expenditure, as well as expenses related to travel and entertainment, conferencing and events.

Learn more about the unique VAT Reclaim opportunities within the media and entertainment industry.


In the regulated world of the pharmaceutical industry, every cost-saving measure is crucial. 70% of the industry’s VAT exposure surrounds clinical trials. Refund potential can reach millions and includes expenses relating to seminars, summits, conferences, tradeshows, tooling & employee travel.

Learn more about the unique VAT reclaim opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry.


In the competitive landscape of the retail industry, every penny counts. With VAT Recovery, businesses can maximize their financial efficiency by recovering both locally and internationally incurred Value Added Tax (VAT) on eligible expenses such as employee travel and entertainment and import VAT.

Learn more about the unique VAT Reclaim opportunities within the retail industry.


Stay connected to valuable cost savings with VAT Recovery in the telecommunication industry. We’ve helped over 250 telecom and mobile operators to claim back VAT on research and development, supply & install, Import VAT, colocation costs and T&E.

Learn more about the unique VAT reclaim opportunities within the telecommunication industry.

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