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50% of Fortune 500 companies use VAT IT

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What do we do?

Businesses can recover VAT refunds on local and overseas travel spend as well as foreign supplier services. Packaged into our Domestic and Foreign Reclaim products, we offer over 32 VAT reclaim opportunities that maximise your company’s VAT refund yield. These savings can amount up to 27% of these expenses.

Because we act as an extension of our clients’ finance departments, we are often exposed to other business pain points which we then address by providing outsourced additional solutions to alleviate our clients’ costs and time-wastage.



VAT IT Domestic

Domestic VAT Compliance

Ensure full compliance and maximise your input VAT claims on up to 27% of your local travel and entertainment expense.

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VAT IT Foreign

Foreign VAT Reclaim

Recover up to 27% VAT on foreign supplier invoices and foreign travel and entertainment expenses connected to employee business trips.

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VAT IT extra

Global VAT Compliance

A fully automated end-to-end, one-stop-shop for your global VAT compliance needs.

VAT Registrations
Global VAT filling & compliance
VAT Advisory  

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Enjoy the benefits of a new era in VAT reclaim

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Eliminate human error. All analysis and claim compilation is completely automated. We use the latest technology to increase your domestic and foreign VAT refund yield.

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Enjoy the benefits of over 20 years of nuanced global VAT experience and industry and product knowledge. Your company is guaranteed global VAT compliance down to every line item.

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Where tech can't replace the human touch ...

Since the onset of technological development in the industry, we have remained steadfast and committed to delivering the highest standards of personalised support and service.

What makes us the industry leaders?

Our Technology

Our Technology

Using the latest cutting-edge technology, we make the complex world of VAT reclaim simple.

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Our Product & Industry Knowledge

Our Product & Industry Knowledge

20+ years’ experience and knowledge offering over 32 tax reclaim products in over 50 countries.

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Our Tailor-made Service Model

Our Tailor-made Service Model

We only hire the smartest people around. Our account managers are predominantly ACA qualified and offer unparalleled support and service.

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Our Global Reach

Global Branches


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VAT IT is a valuable partner of Moelis’s that enables us to maximise our VAT recovery across many countries

Moelis & Company

We selected the VAT IT Group as our tax partner and four years later we have recouped close to $3m in VAT! These refunds have brought tangible cost saving benefits to the company and have helped finance current clinical R&D activities

Array Biopharma

The only thing I have to do is sign some papers and wait for the money to come in. It works so smoothly


Dedicated, knowledgeable and helpful business partners from VAT IT; VAT CLOUD is very valuable to recover VAT without having to invest a lot of time and money

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We partner with leading expense management systems, travel management companies, credit card companies, banks and event organisations.

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