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Our Partners
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We only partner with the best in the business,
so you get the best for your business.


Cross-border business transactions are complex and present a significant cost to your clients. Few have the capability to manage VAT reclaim and compliance in-house. That’s why all partnerships are created with one goal in mind – making our shared customer’s journey through VAT recovery as simple and admin-free as possible.

We partner with leading players in a wide range of industries such as finance and payments, expense management, business travel, aviation, and other suppliers of all kinds. Together with our partners, our solution remains at the forefront of innovation to deliver the best possible customer experience.


Benefit from partnering with us:
Get paid for referrals
Boost your clients’ liquidity
Enhance your service offerings
Outsource complex VAT needs

Industries we partner with


Expense Management

Our software integrates with these expense management platforms to extract expense data and scanned invoices for automated VAT recovery.


Finance & Payments

We partner with leaders in the finance, banking, and payments world to allow analysis and recovery of VAT embedded in company credit card data.


Travel & Events

VAT is present on a large part of a company’s corporate travel and MICE-related activities. We work with partners in the travel management and event management industry to ensure that clients get the highest standard of hassle-free travel and event experience while recuperating VAT from travel bookings and MICE invoices.


Professional Organizations

We collaborate with various professional and networking organizations to educate businesses about the impact that VAT refunds could have on their financial health, and identify the specific opportunities for refunds for maximum claim value.



Our aviation partners are suppliers of fuel, ground handling costs and navigation services. Our partnerships ensure that our mutual clients are taking advantage of the 40% less cost to fuelling by exploiting MOT and VAT recovery.


General Business

From consultancies to service providers, we partner with numerous companies with their own specialities and core focuses. Our partners all acknowledge the importance of VAT recovery and compliance, and work with us to bring value to mutual clients.

Become a partner

Connect. Collaborate. Integrate.

Help us help your clients. 

We offer two kinds of partnership opportunities: referral partnership and tech integrated partnership. Depending on your business, you could realize synergistic benefits from one or both of these partnership models.

Let us take on the task of managing your clients’ complex VAT tasks so they can gain back the time to focus on value-add activities while enjoying a healthier balance sheet from refunds. Furthermore, you earn commissions for making successful referrals to us. Win-win.

Introduce your clients to a world of



Recovering a significant cost for them of up to 25% on their spend.


Compliance Security

Providing them with VAT compliance solutions.



Understanding their cross-border VAT obligations upfront.


Global Service

Leverage off our global presence in 40 locations to provide your clients with a truly premium service.


Tech Solutions

We offer seamless integrations with issuing bank data to allow analysis and recovery of VAT embedded in company credit card data.


Professional Dedication

Referring them to a hassle-free professional service with a dedicated account manager.

By partnering with us your business gains access to our wealth of knowledge, experience and innovation. Your clients will enjoy a more comprehensive, efficient service while you attract new business through the synergies our partnership will create.

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