Corporate social responsibility

Throughout our evolution and global expansion, the VAT IT Group has always recognised its responsibility to its home country whilst ensuring that it contributes meaningfully to the local communities worldwide.

corporate social responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

What does it mean?

VAT IT Group is committed to its clients, partners, employees, and stakeholders. We are constantly building new partnerships and investing in innovation and technology. We conduct global business in accordance with the highest standards of trust and integrity in every region.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy intends to establish a reference framework, from which the VAT IT Group can develop and strengthen socially responsible behaviour.

Policies and additional information

Commitment. Integrity. Responsibility.


Open communication with all stakeholders (suppliers, shareholders, clients and employees), is one of the fundamental pillars of the VAT IT Group philosophy, which in turn maintains stable relationships that nurture trust and loyalty. We have established specific channels for communication and dialog (both digital and traditional) that also facilitate our group’s ability to learn about their employee and stakeholder’s needs and expectations.


Honesty and integrity is an ingrained practice within the VAT IT Group and it constantly strives to provide an efficient and quality service within the agreed time frame, tracking client experiences through active engagement and transparency. In addition to adhering to its strict Data Protection Policies, VAT IT Group seeks to ensure that it adheres to each client specific request in relation to data handling and protection.

Business ethics

Maintaining corporate governance practices based on ethical dealings by respecting the rules of the single market, rejecting any illegal or fraudulent practice contrary to the rules of good governance. VAT IT Group has internal mechanisms in place for preventing, monitoring, reporting and penalising any practice in contradiction with good governance.

Regulatory compliance

VAT IT Group adheres to all applicable international law and regulation in all countries where it services its clients and/or has an establishment. VAT IT Group also subscribes to the regulations set out by the IVA (International VAT Association).

Workforce diversity and inclusion 

VAT IT Group is an equal-opportunity employer, it promotes an inclusive workplace while embracing cultural and religious differences. We are committed to achieving a working environment which provides equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, origin, marital status and/or disability status. Our group is committed to actively opposing all forms of discrimination. We are proud to provide an inclusive workplace that embraces and celebrates demographic, cultural and lifestyle differences. We seek to ensure that VAT IT Group maintains a significantly diverse work force whilst more than half of management representation is female.

Donations and aid


VAT IT Group sets aside an annual fixed sum for monetary donations & sponsorships. These donations and/or sponsorships will aim to:

  • Advance the growth and well-being of disadvantaged communities.
  • Support charity organisations and/or charitable efforts
Volunteering VAT IT Group encourages its employees to volunteer in community upliftment programs and employees are encouraged to volunteer through programs organised internally or externally.

VAT IT Cares

Our goals are:

  • To get as many staff members involved in local volunteering projects by making it easy for them to get involved. We do everything from project planning to transporting our staff. We currently have over 1 000 staff.
  • Tackling all 17 of the Social Development Goals as a business:
  • Collecting donations internally throughout the year for charities and Non-Profit Organizations.
corporate social responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility

Development & internships

Growth mindset

VAT IT Group is committed to the betterment and constant improvement of its employees and the growth of their knowledge across multiple fields. VAT IT Group adopts the concept of a progressive mindset whereby providing an environment where its employees can grow their individual potential.


VAT IT Group offers world-wide internship programmes for individuals studying towards a Post Graduate qualification. 

Environmental Sustainability 

The VAT IT Group recognizes its responsibility to the environment and therefore aims to contribute to sustainable development and to all official sector-based carbon reduction targets. VAT IT Group seeks to achieve continual improvement in how it responds to its environmental impacts.

A commitment to improvement.

corporate social responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility

Communicate its environmental policy and strategy to employees and where necessary, clients and other stakeholders in an attempt to raise awareness of our collective responsibilities to vital improvements to our planet;

corporate social responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility

Ensure compliance and where possible exceed standards set in relevant UK, EU and international regulatory requirements and agreements;

corporate social responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility

Manage and reduce water consumption;

corporate social responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility

Deliver a travel plan to reduce single occupancy vehicle use to our sites; implement measures to encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport as principal modes of commuting and business travel for staff, students and visitors;

corporate social responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility

Reduce waste created and where possible  to reuse and recycle before responsible disposal of surplus materials; to use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible;

corporate social responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility

Avoid or limit wherever possible the use of environmentally-damaging substances, materials and processes;

corporate social responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility

Develop Environmental Management Systems; where possible, that it looks at the sustainability of its offices worldwide. It has started this initiative in its UK branch in that it has taken measures to ensure that its impact on the environment is reduced by banning use of plastic bottles, installation of automatic lighting, waste recycling,no kettles or toasters.

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