VAT IT CA Entrepreneurship Programme

The CA Entrepreneurship Programme

VAT IT’S CA Programme is for anyone who wishes to become a business leader or entrepreneur

Being a success is about so much more than understanding just the numbers. At VAT IT we appreciate that in today’s rapidly changing world, the broader your skill set, exposure and practical experience the more equipped you are for success. By working through our various departments you will live, breathe and eventually adopt our entrepreneurial spirit.

You will explore and push your personal boundaries and be given the opportunity to reach your full business potential by obtaining exposure in Sales, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Technology and Client Service.

At this point on your path to becoming a CA, you have proven your superb academic capabilities. We now want to take your hand for the next three years and ensure that your practical performance, people skills, management capabilities, process building and decision making abilities are advanced to match your academic capacity.

Join our unique programme in order to develop the skills you need to build your best “you”.

About the CA Entrepreneurship Programme

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Start-up Nation

At the heart of VAT IT is entrepreneurialism and innovation. Our values are freedom, responsibility and revolution. We believe in your independence because we know that making people the CEOs of their own lives creates magic.

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Be Unique

The programme accommodates a small group of trainees, so your progress is personalised and focused. You will gain exposure to multiple industries with different core competencies. The electives of this programme are Financial Management and Management Decision Making and Control.
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We've Got Your Back

You’ll have a specialised team of mentors who are dedicated to supporting you with your academic progression through the SAICA qualifying examinations. You will also have access to personal tuition by some of the country’s best when required.

During your 3 years at VAT IT, you’ll get first-hand experience in:

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Harness your people & management skills. We give you the responsibility to handle your own projects and teams.

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Decision Making

We actively involve you in real decision making that directly impacts the growth of our business.

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Problem Solving

Get ready to swim because we’re going to throw you in the deep-end. Apply those smarts to real business questions.

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Sales & Customer Service

Our most precious treasures are our clients. You’ll learn that all great business starts with sales and great service.

A long term partnership

Our hope is that you’ll continue to grow your career with us, long after your CA programme ends.

If you’re a keen entrepreneur and your goal is to build businesses and acquire the ground-level, roll-up-your-sleeves experience to learn how to build those businesses, well then, welcome home!


Daniel Strong

“What’s different about VAT IT is their willingness to involve us. They really listened to our opinions and included us in decision making on big projects in such a genuine way.”


Amy Shenker

“I was more prepared for Board 2 than most of my peers because of the experience I had gained at VAT IT. I had already pitched solutions to the CEO. I had already presented reports to the CFO. So I was incredibly prepared.”


Daniel Lewis

“VAT IT is the perfect blend of the formal corporate and the wild west startup. It’s got the good corporate elements like lots of people and big opportunities but it feels like a startup because it’s so dynamic and growing so quickly.”


Who is VAT IT?

The VAT IT group is made up of 5 core businesses and 4 startups all focused in the RegTech industry, providing innovative, technology-based solutions to more than 13,000 clients around the world.

What is included in the programme?
  • Exposure to our entrepreneurial business and spirit
  • 8-10 rotations across the different divisions in various businesses in the Group, including Product Development, Technology, Finance, Research & Development, Sales, Operations and Client Service
  • Incredible opportunities to lead projects, take responsibility for exciting Group developments and report directly to the Group’s CEOs
  • Dedicated mentors who will guide you through your articles
    Interact with brilliant, like-minded professionals across the Group
  • A combination of on-the-job training and simulations to give you the broadest exposure possible
  • The programme’s elective competencies is in Management Decision-Making
Is this a Tax Programme?

No! Although some of the businesses in the Group are related to various taxes, such as VAT and withholding tax, we believe that computers can and should be programmed to do the technical tax calculations and transactions. Trainees will be tasked with solving more stimulating, real business problems, which most of the time are not even related to tax. The programme’s elective competency is in fact Management Decision-Making.

Why should I apply?
  • Our business is expanding faster than ever, bringing exciting new opportunities
  • Best MBA you can get, totally for free
  • Practical business training with full exposure to the international business environment
  • Our training office has a SAICA Level 1 accreditation
How do I qualify?
  • The programme is specifically for people who have studied towards becoming a Chartered Accountant
  • You can apply in any year along the route
  • Excellent academic record
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and a drive to succeed
  • Adaptability and big-picture thinking
  • Ability to thrive in a team environment
Do you accept candidates wishing to be academic trainees?

Yes, we love academic trainees and the diverse skills they bring with them from their experience following that route.

Set yourself up for an incredible career.

Applications open for January 2022

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