VAT refund solution

Maximise the input VAT recovery in your VAT returns, avoid penalties and take the worry out of domestic VAT recovery once and for all.

Domestic VAT, Domestic VAT

The Domestic VAT refund opportunity

VAT-registered businesses can claim back VAT charged on local supplier invoices, business travel and entertainment expenditure. Our Domestic VAT solution ensures that these savings are seamlessly incorporated into your input VAT returns. If any of the below applies to your business, this is the solution for you.

Domestic VAT, Domestic VAT

Do you deal with local suppliers?

Domestic VAT, Domestic VAT

Do you have employees travelling locally for business?

Domestic VAT, Domestic VAT

Do you feel your local VAT processes could be streamlined?

Comprehensive Domestic VAT recovery under one roof

Transaction review

Auto-assess the claimability of all supplier and T&E transactions in line with the relevant governing legislation.

Supplier transactions

Process returns on common accounts payable and supplier invoices with our detailed claim schedules.

Reporting requirements

Meet all reporting requirements per legislation for error-free invoice tie-backs.


Input VAT returns

Receive a comprehensive, error-free claim schedule to be submitted as part of your input VAT returns.

Domestic VAT, Domestic VAT

Increase input VAT claimed and maximise compliance

File accurate returns

Ensure completeness of local T&E inclusion in your VAT return.

Be audit-ready

Assess, flag and correct non compliant, missing or incorrectly claimed invoices.

Claim more input VAT

Run VAT gap analysis on all T&E input VAT schedules to find missed claim opportunities.

Synched deadlines

Adhere to company and local tax authority’s filing deadlines and frequencies.

Global rules-based engine

Proprietary rules-based engine with real-time updated VAT compliance.

Domestic VAT, Domestic VAT

Recover VAT potential thats often overlooked

Learn where companies go wrong and how you can identify and recover Domestic VAT.

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