VAT refund solution

Save up to 25% on your company’s international foreign vendor invoices and travel spend.

Foreign VAT, Foreign VAT

The Foreign VAT refund opportunity

VAT-registered businesses can recover VAT charged on foreign supplier invoices. Regions such as Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia and the Middle East refund indirect tax to businesses. If your business engages in any of the below, this is the solution for you.

Foreign VAT, Foreign VAT

Do you deal with foreign suppliers?

Foreign VAT, Foreign VAT

Does your company take part in international tradeshows?

Foreign VAT, Foreign VAT

Do you incur foreign employee travel & entertainment (T&E) costs?

Accounts payable

Supplier invoices

  • Business-related goods
  • Conferences, tradeshows & seminars
  • Imports
  • Inter-company charges
  • Professional fees
  • Supply & install
  • Tooling & moulds

Employee Travel & Entertainment (T&E)

  • Hotels & accommodation
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Taxis & car rental
  • Fuel & public transport
  • Remote work office expenses

Reclaim VAT across all your business units


Goods VAT (parts)
Supply & install
Testing & trials

Sales & marketing

Tradeshows & exhibitions
Seminars & summits
Professional fees
Incentive trips
Employee travel, accommodation & entertainment

Logistics & supply chain

Import VAT
Goods (parts)

Strategy & HR

Inter-company charges
Remote office costs
MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferences & events)
Employee relocation & global mobility

How would you benefit from VAT Reclaim?

Take some inspiration for your future refund spend.

Boost your cash flow

Discover how VAT refunds can be a key driver to your cash flow planning.

Reduce expenses

Watch as your ROI grows as VAT on business travel and supplier invoices is seamlessly recovered.

Offset future costs

Attending a multitude of large trade shows globally? With your annual VAT refunds, you can pay for next year’s events.

Foreign VAT, Foreign VAT

Did you know?

Most businesses never claim 100% of their VAT refunds. Here’s why…

Lack of knowledge

Most finance teams don’t know where VAT is refundable by country, expense type or indirect tax type.

Rejected claims

Tax authorities reject thousands of monthly claims due to poor, non-compliant refund requests.

Missed deadlines

VAT recovery deadlines are strict and differ by region. Most businesses are unable to prepare claims in time.

Incorrect invoices

Without access to original compliant invoices or invoice data, companies never even get off the starting line.

Language barriers

Each jurisdiction requires claim submissions and query outcomes to be communicated its local language.

Burdened resources

Although lucrative, VAT recovery isn’t a core function of a tax team. Few businesses have resources to achieve high refunds.

Make Foreign VAT reclaim simple

End-to-end service from VAT retrieval to pay out.

Easy integration with all major expense management software.

Real-time reporting on VAT refund progress.

Manage all your claim documents within VAT Cloud.

We’ve built relationships with tax authorities across 32 jurisdictions.

Industry-specific indirect tax expertise eg. pharmaceutical and automotive etc.

Foreign VAT, Foreign VAT

If you don’t get your refund; we don’t get paid

We take on all the risk and only take a small percentage of successful refunds.

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