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Invoice Storage, Invoice Storage, VAT IT

Invoice Storage and Archiving

Scan & destroy policy? We’ve got you covered.

Why does my business need an invoice storage solution?

Most VAT authorities require that a company keeps its invoices for a standard amount of time even after a return has been performed. The obligatory storage time can amount up to a few years and therefore space becomes an issue for many businesses.

If your business has implemented a scan and destroy policy, you may still be required to store your scanned invoices for years to support a return.

Whether your company is storing invoices digitally or physically, it can become an administrative nightmare.


Digital Storage ...

VAT IT offers its clients an invoice storage solution that will fit both the needs of businesses that require physical storage and those that require digital storage. Because we deal with large amounts of scanned and physical invoices, we have set up an infrastructure that can cope with a limitless load of invoice data.


... Physical Storage

Scanned invoices are safely stored in our AWS servers so you can be guaranteed the highest quality of security while physical invoices are stored in our 24-hour, access-controlled, armed premises in our shared service centre.

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Invoice Storage, Invoice Storage, VAT IT