Did you know? In certain countries jet kerosene used for commercial or business purposes is exempt from Mineral Oil Tax (MOT)

What is Mineral Oil Tax?

Mineral Oil Tax (MOT) is an excise duty levied on the purchase of fuel and is a significant surcharge to the base fuel cost. Due to fuel tax exemptions that exist and other criteria, MOT is claimable by commercial aviation operators in foreign countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Italy.

Your business can claim back MOT in any of the following cases  …

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You are private air charter company.

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You are an executive airplane-leasing company.

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Your business owns its own private jet which is used for business purposes.

Aviation Tax Specialists

VAT and MOT can amount to 43% of your total fuelling costs and under certain circumstances, these costs are fully recoverable. As one of the world leaders in aviation tax, we are proud to offer operators a full solution to reclaiming tax and excise duties charged on fuel purchases, as well as vat incurred through ground handling navigation and crew travel expenses.

Start your journey with us by exploring what your aviation company can claim back.

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