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Foreign VAT Reclaim

Foreign Travel and Entertainment, as well as Foreign Supplier VAT are both recoverable, adding significant savings to your company’s international expenditure 

What is Foreign VAT on T&E?

Foreign VAT on T&E, is claimed on international travel and entertainment expenses connected to business trips. Up to 25% of these T&E expenses can be claimed adding considerable savings to a business.

What is Foreign VAT on Accounts Payable Invoices?

Your business may have foreign vendors who are obliged to charge VAT. In this case, your business is entitled to claim the VAT on the foreign A/P invoices. By utilising VAT recovery as a cost saving mechanism for your business, you can decrease the actual cost of your foreign vendor supplies and services by up to 20%. Foreign supplier VAT often means high value VAT for low volume invoices, so the refund opportunity is significant.

VAT is claimable on the following international services

Travel & Entertainment

Travel & Entertainment

Claim back up to 25% of your overseas business travel and entertainment spend. These expenses include hotels, restaurants and transport costs.

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Import VAT

Import VAT

Businesses are entitled to claim back Import VAT on international DDP shipments. These are often high VAT refunds and can easily be missed without prior knowledge.

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MICE & Tour Operators

MICE & Tour Operators

Businesses within the MICE and Tour Operator industries are open to VAT reclaim opportunities on the organised tours or events they manage.

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Conferences, Tradeshows & Events

Conferences, Tradeshows & Events

VAT is claimable on any costs related to exhibitions, conferences or events held abroad.

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Tooling VAT

Tooling VAT

Specific to the pharmaceutical, automotive and manufacturing industries, tooling is a common foreign cost with high VAT values.

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Goodbye Admin, hello refunds!

We’ll save you up to 25% of all your overseas spend as well take away all administration burden by addressing your business’s pain points through our premium service model.

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An unparalleled understanding of all legal requirements across all jurisdictions which allow VAT reclaim opportunities.

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Our business was built on the back of foreign VAT recovery on T&E. It’s what we do best… for over 20 years.

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Multilingual tax professionals with local expertise to prepare claims and liaise with tax offices in their language.

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Our Software makes VAT recovery simple and efficient while providing you with real-time reporting at any point in the process.

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We’ll prepare all supporting documents for you as well as walk you through how to complete them.

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A dedicated research and development team which focuses on ongoing compliance with legislative changes on a regular basis, including the potential effects of Brexit.

Your business can claim back its Foreign VAT on T&E in any of the following cases …

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You have employees who travel overseas.

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You’re a multinational with numerous branch locations.

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You have a large number of employees.

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You’re a large consultancy firm.

Your business can claim back its Foreign supplier VAT in any of the following cases  …

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Your business is attending or exhibiting at tradeshows, conferences or exhibitions.

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Your business is within the pharmaceutical, automotive or manufacturing industries.

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Your business offers cloud-based solutions and requires servers housed in multiple jurisdictions.

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You’re a multinational organisation with intercompany costs.

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