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VAT IT and Discovery

VAT IT is the proud partner of Discovery a shared value insurance company, offering services in the healthcare, insurance and the banking sectors.

Discovery Business Insurance and VAT IT have a common goal to help companies grow through efficiency. The partnership is a first in South Africa, benefiting Discovery Business Insurance clients who incur foreign VAT. Foreign & Domestic VAT refunds help add cash back to a company’s bottom line that would otherwise go unclaimed and be lost forever.

South African VAT IT clients will also have the opportunity to explore the benefits of the Discovery Business Insurance offering and the advantages of signing up with them.

Read more about our partnership in this article.

About Discovery

Discovery Business Insurance is built on the vision that businesses that show good financial performance and have successful operations have a lower insurance risk. This division provides powerful incentives and benefits to businesses in order to help them grow, reduce their insurance costs and manage their risks. Healthier businesses also benefit South Africa as a whole as they contribute to higher economic growth and employment.

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