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Myanma Apex Bank

A multi-service bank providing financial solutions to both individual and corporate customers
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VAT IT and Myanma Apex Bank

VAT IT is a proud partner of Myanma Apex Bank, a pioneer in the financial industry in Myanmar. Corporate MasterCard clients of Myanma Apex Bank receive preferential pricing on Value-Added Tax reclaim services. To sign up for the offering, click here.

About Myanma Apex Bank

At MAB, we invest and nurture both local and external talents with a good mix of professional experiences in domestic and international banking. Technologically, we also keep abreast of disruptive trends and changes so we can plan, upgrade and stay competitive, agile in meeting the future growth and challenges. 

MAB continues to evolve with ongoing banking needs of Myanmar people. Our people, technology readiness and product development stands ready to grow with you in the years to come.

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