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VAT IT and UnionPay International

UnionPay international cooperates with VAT IT has launched UnionPay card business tax refund service. After the cardholder submits the application through the online channel of UnionPay international or cooperative bank, VAT IT has a specially assigned person to guide the completion of tax refund procedures, and the tax will be refunded to the UnionPay business card of the enterprise; covering more than 20 countries and regions, such as Britain, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc., the enterprise can apply for tax refund for the expenses incurred on business such as accommodation, transportation, catering, exhibition, advertising, consultation, etc; The cardholders have the entitlement with the special discount for service charge.

About UnionPay International

UnionPay International (UPI) is a subsidiary of China UnionPay focused on the growth and support of UnionPay’s global business. In partnership with more than 2000 institutions worldwide, UnionPay International has enabled card acceptance in 177 countries and regions with issuance in 58 countries and regions. UnionPay International provides high quality, cost effective and secure cross-border payment services to the world’s largest cardholder base and ensures convenient local services to a growing number of global UnionPay cardholders and merchants.

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