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Next-gen VAT recovery & compliance platform

Technology and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We’re constantly building new applications and improving on our existing VAT software. Ultimately, our cutting-edge technology is built for the sole purpose of making your VAT reclaim experience seamless, simple and rewarding.

Accurate Analyses

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VAT potential at the click of a button

Gain access to your business’s VAT potential analysis at the click of a button. A non-invasive, pre-analysis is completed prior to VAT recovery processing to determine potential exposure.

Reporting that Stakeholders Can Understand

You can export Ready-to-present reports for presentation at stakeholder meetings so you can clearly show how VAT refunds will contribute to your company’s bottom line.

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In-Depth Expense Analysis

Toggle between high-level insight and detailed invoice-level information. Advanced filtering allows you to zero in on spend problem areas and VAT leakage. Actionable insights mean higher returns for your business.

Machine Learning OCR Platform

Mitigating human error means higher VAT yields for your business. Our platform distinguishes invoice type and format based on a particular supplier and then automatically scans, captures and maps all required fields directly off your scanned invoices. The platform keeps a track of historical data and trains itself to extract similar fields in an efficient way.

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Seamless Intergrations

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Click ‘n Claim

Our software seamlessly integrates with all leading ERPs, expense management systems, travel management platforms, and financial institutions via live pull APIs. Our integrations are easy to set up via a click-through sign on process.

Compliance Checking

We’ll ensure that all VAT-related invoice data is 100% compliant. This mitigates any risks of vat authority penalties or over-claiming. Our software scans for irregularities and flags any non-compliant data for review.

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We’ll Analyse Data from Anywhere

Not using an expense management system currently? No problem. We’re capable of analysing any data in CSV or excel format. So whether you have an internal system or simply have credit card reporting, we can work with whatever data you have to calculate your VAT potential.

Maximised Savings

Scale is Everything

We use the same tech that built Google, so no amount of data is too big for us. No matter your company size or data requirements, we’ll process and analyse your data with complete accuracy.

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Continual guidance and training

We help optimise travel programme usage and staff compliance through reporting and employee training which maximises VAT potential. It all starts with transparent data that shows exposure, leakages and spend behaviours that need to change.

75% higher VAT Yield when You use our Software

We ran a case study using 25 high VAT yield clients to determine if the combination of technology and a good retrieval service can increase VAT yield. The result: It increases VAT yield by 75%!

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Exclusive Client Portal

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Absolute Transparency

Once you sign up, our entire client reporting suite will be available to you. You’ll have access to real-time, transparent reporting that shows you the progress of your refunds.

Insightful Data

Track your VAT refunds by business entity, VAT scheme or currency. The easy-to-use interface allows you to take control and manipulate the data to fit your needs.

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Communication functions

Use the interactive document portal and communication functionality to keep all your claim documentation up to date. With us, you’ll never miss a deadline.

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