Foreign VAT
best practice checklist

Navigate the interactive invoice checklist to discover how to ensure compliance and accuracy when assessing and submitting invoices for all of your international transactions.

Invoice, Invoice Checklist

Finding the value

It’s all about knowing where to look on your invoice.

There is cash lying in plain sight on your invoices, but it’s hard to secure that income without the resources, technology and knowledge of each tax authority’s constantly-changing requirements.

Uncover the complexities by exploring our interactive invoice:

Invoice, Invoice Checklist

Supplier’s country

Does my country have reciprocity with this country?

To view the country reciprocity guide, click here.

Invoice type

Is this invoice a compliant invoice type as per the legislation of the country of refund?

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Invoice date

What is the claim submission deadline for this region?

To view the deadlines per country, click here.

Invoice number

What happens if we’re missing some invoices or supporting documents?

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Billing vs. shipping addresses

Who is entitled to the VAT amid complex cross-border supply chains?
Is the refund being claimed for the right VAT registered entity?

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Customer’s VAT number

Which VAT directive does this claim fall within?

To view the country guides, click here.

Line items and expense descriptions

Can I claim this expense?

To view the claimable expense types per country, click here.

VAT rates

What portion of this percentage is refundable?

To view the VAT rates per country, click here.

VAT amount

Your VAT refund awaits!

Supplier’s VAT number

How do I navigate the different languages and rules for this region?

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